Jan.19.11 at 05:44 am
Jes, Matt, and I will be making our yearly stop over at Animation on Display on feb 19-20. As usual, we'll have a lil table set up for us to sit and gab at. Most likely I'll be doodling, Jes will be talking about cake, and Matt will doing that Matt stare thing he does.

Also, this is awesome.
Jan.10.11 at 01:34 am
Jan.09.11 at 06:43 am
Just say'n.
Jan.07.11 at 06:44 pm
When I'm doing something relatively mindless, I like to put on some World of Warcraft podcasts like Legendary to listen to chatter. Betsy and I were like "You know, all we talk about to each other is Warcraft anyway. If we did that into a microphone, we'd have a podcast."

The result was Not Enough Rage, currently up to episode 6. The early ones were kind of rough, but I feel like we've hit our stride enough that I'm not embarassed to share it with other wowheads.
Jan.01.11 at 09:21 pm
Dad showed me The Wilderness Downtown, an experiment in HTML 5.

I started looking at Subnormality today. It's a dense comic. I like this one.

I've been listening to Janelle Monae since Spike linked the video on Twitter.

Holly Pervocracy, former ambulance driver, put an extremely sad post up around Christmas. Just as a heads up, before you start clicking around that blog, a lot of the other posts on that page are about things like having an entire hand inside her vagina. I'm not saying don't, though. The Cosmocking features are hilarious.
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