Nov.23.11 at 02:14 am
Women were drinking a lot of Diet Dr. Pepper and men weren't, and they wanted to correct that. That's tricky to pull off, because there are two genders that are the inverse of each other in every way, and one must hate what the other enjoys.

So now we have Dr. Pepper 10.
Nov.08.11 at 05:01 am
Didn't look like a comic was getting done for this week, so I've put up a doodle.

I like the idea of doing a series of images that show a character from a video game advancing from start to end-game. Kind of like those Pokemon level-up things you'll see.

So I did one on my dev character from the game I work on, Spiral Knights. Mind you, in this case, it's kind of cheating as I design all the armor in the game. In fact the last one up there isn't even a proper armor set. It is however, my official forum icon. I guess I made that one because I felt there wasn't an armor set that adequately expressed the right amount of emo.

Ooo! I think the next one I draw should be my Gods Eater avatar. Oh how I wish that one had a NG+ option.
Oct.25.11 at 10:16 pm
We've got three new designs in the Topatoco store.

Broface! - Based on this comic about headbutt cats.

Burrito! - Based on burritos.

Pixel Cthulhu! - Based on that other shirt that people can't get enough of.

While you're there, consider the glow-in-the-dark anglerfish shirt because I still think that's pretty sweet.
Oct.11.11 at 12:34 am
But I can't help but giggle a little when you put this comic in reverse.
Oct.04.11 at 02:48 am
Sort of a filler comic this week as I try and handle yet another deadline for work. Online game development never lets you rest it seems. I would have asked Matt, Dom, or even George to contribute, but it seems only my wife and I played DA2 of the crew.

I'm hoping that things will lighten up a bit for me so that I might sink my teeth in to Dark Souls this week. It's easily the game I've been looking forward to the most this year. I just really like dungeon running, loot gathering, and stressful gaming. The last Souls game more than delivered that last time, so I have high hopes. Plus it's the designer who made Armored Core 4 Answer, which is a personal favorite of mine. Oh FROM SOFTWARE, you make such enjoyable yet flawed games. Please, never change.

In the mean time, my gaming has been the latest Deus Ex. Which I can not enjoy. It's a solid game, don't misunderstand me. It's just that it heavily rewards perfection and is quick to punish flaw. This just results in my hand never leaving the Quick-Save key with reloads after every single errant result of my actions. I find it hard to immerse myself in the gaming goodness when facing load screens at equal frequency as shots fired.
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