Sep.12.11 at 11:03 am
Alarming Predicament by Andy Helms.
Aug.15.11 at 12:02 pm
Power Nap - Set in a world where people no longer sleep, Power Nap follows Drew, one of the few who can't take sleep-suppressing pills.

Bearmageddon - The corpse of a bear/octopus hybrid is found plugging up a sewer. From the artist of Axe Cop.

Battlepug - The creator had to come up with a t-shirt design, so he drew a barbarian riding a giant pug. That's pretty much all you need to know.
Aug.15.11 at 10:17 am
Why does the wall in the this week's comic change height in every panel?

Fuck you. That's why.
Jul.25.11 at 02:00 am
I watched two episodes of Sherlock, the new BBC series that puts Holmes and Watson in the modern day and emphasizes Sherlock's twitchy sociopathic nature. The first one was pretty good! The second one was... well, the first one was pretty good!

However, it nags at me that even though Holmes is constantly dicking around with smartphones, either texting or looking up regional weather patterns to match the mud on someone boots or whatever, when he does his trick of figuring out everything about someone based on their scars, mannerisms and dress habits, nobody thinks "Oh, he probably googled me just now."

On the other hand, Sherlock's enemies seem to keep tabs on him through his website, so there's a nod to our compulsively public lives.
Jul.11.11 at 10:08 pm
Little bit of a delay getting this one up. Lost track of time coloring panel two and had to pause it till I got home from work.

I wanted an excuse to draw this duo again. Given their origin from a highly customizable game, I felt APB would be a pretty good vr to drop them in.

I'd have to say, that of my MMO gal avatars I've played over the years, Risu's probably my favorite. Felt the most possession of her design after all. That was of course given due to City of X's, for the time, extensive editing. Though I find it funny. She'd also probably the only one of my avatars that doesn't have gray-to-white hair.
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