Jul.11.11 at 10:08 pm
Little bit of a delay getting this one up. Lost track of time coloring panel two and had to pause it till I got home from work.

I wanted an excuse to draw this duo again. Given their origin from a highly customizable game, I felt APB would be a pretty good vr to drop them in.

I'd have to say, that of my MMO gal avatars I've played over the years, Risu's probably my favorite. Felt the most possession of her design after all. That was of course given due to City of X's, for the time, extensive editing. Though I find it funny. She'd also probably the only one of my avatars that doesn't have gray-to-white hair.
Jul.05.11 at 08:03 pm
So hey, that's 200 comics.

Thanks for reading.
Jun.28.11 at 11:35 pm
Yo. Currently busting ass for a deadline. So, I made you a doodle. I hope you like it.
Jun.12.11 at 11:11 pm
Been a while since we chatted.

Me? Alright. Working for Three Rings has been quite intense lately. I mean for good reasons after all. It's my first shipped title where I'm the art lead.

As a result, was pretty worn out last week, so Jes helped me out with her comic. Hope you liked her crayon musings.

The only e3 related thing I'll mention is that since that one trailer was shown, I've had this song on loop...

As for down time, some friends have taken to playing a couple F2P games on the market. A couple are on LoL. Myself, I've been enjoying the reanimated creature known as APB. I didn't get too creative with my characters, though... Some Faith got mixed in with the recipe. Just continuing my standard habits. Though I need to find a stupidly-long ninja scarf.

Actually, what I really need is to put some different music in the in game radio... The Katamari theme is starting to haunt my non-waking hours.
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