May.15.11 at 11:18 pm
There's a link to the bottom right of the comic on all the pages. You see it? Yeah, you click that and Topatoco will send you prints.
May.11.11 at 04:16 pm
Crunch maybe over but theses deadlines continue to press me.

Also, I'm really happy how much people liked the latest comic. Was fun to bust out that coloring style again, and it seemed to strike a nostalgic cord with a score of you. Glad it was enjoyed!

It's also by no accident that the color scheme was pulled from this comic.
May.07.11 at 04:02 pm
Hey, you know Peachifruit? She makes comics? Sometimes about Persona 3 and Metal Gear Solid? There's a link to some of her comics over there under "Hiimdaisy."

Well, first, she's not Peachifruit anymore. Now she's "Gigidigi." Not sure why.

Whoever she is, she's making a new comic called Cucumber Quest and maybe you should go look at it.
Apr.28.11 at 12:36 am
Definitely a bit of Johnny Wander's penchant for imaginary animals rubbing off here, I think.

Burritos aren't imaginary, though.

They're all too real.
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